Severe Case of Poison Ivy

I’m not really sure where to begin… but that’s nothing new. I’ve never been one to watch the Youtube tutorials, or to read the instructions. I also have never been one to start with small projects, and work my way up. I’m too impatient. I jump right into it. I NEED instant gratification. So it only makes sense that two weeks ago, Brooke and I started our first project while simultaneously deciding to start a blog. Our first post and project, we decided, would be The Poison Ivy Project (to clarify the Villain from The Batman Comics and NOT the 3 leafed vine from hell). We were going to make a costume, record a make-up video, and take some photographs of the final product. Brooke is the make-up expert of our duo, so it was obvious she would take over the video section of the project as well as model for the photographs. I however, possessed no other skills than being able to sketch out the costume plans and save pins on pinterest. I didn’t know how to sew, I didn’t know how to take proper measurements, and I definitely didn’t know where to start. But I dove into it head-first, determined. After pinning every last thing I could find Poison Ivy related on Pinterest to aid me in my conquests, and we had bought all the materials needed at first, I began with the leaves. I was going to sew leaves completely all over the leotard. Smart idea right? Easy and simple, right? Wrong. Four tense hours later and I have successfully sewn about 30 leaves on… covering a small portion from the top part of the leotard. Not to mention I had accidently sewn all the way through the back more times than I care to admit, forcing me to rip out the stitches and re-thread the needle to restart. Wow. This could take me weeks. I don’t have time for this, I have class and a job. I realize that I can’t cover it in leaves, so I breakout the sketch pad again. How about a corset? That’d make sense right… since Poison Ivy was a sexy redhead?? I’m back on Pinterest earnestly learning how to measure and sew a corset pattern onto the leotard. I, who can barely sew on leaves, was going to conquer this outfit. A little while later, Brooke and I are making the long, painful trek down Highway 72. I swear we hit every stop light there and back. But we finally make it to Hobby Lobby. “This green, what green.. THAT GREEN!” Okay. We get the materials: 2 yards of fabric,  some boning, and more thread. Nailed it. And here I am. Sewing in the boning on this leotard we bought at Target, slowly realizing why these costumes go for over $200 on Etsy. But I know I can do this.



*Side note: I drew this on my Android Note 3 with the app S Note


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