The Poison Ivy Project: Makeup Edition

Hello everyone!

This is Brooke, the curly half of our little duo, and today I am here to introduce the makeup portion of our Poison Ivy Project. However before I begin I was told by a certain redhead that I MUST introduce myself first. So here we go. As she mentioned on our About page, I am an architecture student at MSU, love rap music, and enjoy playing soccer. I also have an intense love for all things makeup from cute, natural looks to blood filled halloween costumes. It all started years ago with a couple neutral eyeshadows and a fluffy brush. Such humble beginnings soon morphed into my current makeup collection which includes well over 100 individual makeup products ranging from pallets to brushes to SFX makeup items. If I remember correctly, the normal or average number of makeup items owned is around 30. According to this, I am most certainly addicted and should likely get help for my obsession. Fortunately, I have no intention of doing any such thing and look forward to expanding my collection in the future.

Since I believe that is enough of a personal introduction I shall get right to the makeup look I have created for this project. Although I have a few face paints and such items that would make this look easier and more in the special makeup effects realm, I chose to basically only use eyeshadows since that is what most people already have in their makeup bags (even though I doubt anyone in their right mind except for me would happen to own a few dozen shades of green eyeshadow). This look is relatively simple; once you successfully turn yourself into a redhead (which for me was excessively difficult) all you have to do is add a little green on your forehead and in your contour areas. If you are already a redhead with freckles then you can skip the first half of the tutorial, which simply isn’t fair in my opinion. I will be uploading the makeup tutorial once we photograph the completed look, which will be in the next week or so depending on our schedules.

Please enjoy these pictures I took along the way!


This first one is the color version of the one on our home page. Since I conveniently forgot to take a before picture when I did this makeup, I decided to show you this one to help establish a baseline for what I look like on a daily basis. In case you didn’t know, I am the one on the right!


IMG_5535 IMG_5543

These two pictures were taken just after I FINALLY figured out how to transform myself into a redhead. This was definitely a challenge for me because although I am pale, I naturally have zero freckles. Also, please excuse how red my chest looks, I am naturally pink undertoned and I think this particular shade of wig brought that out more than usual.


IMG_5555 IMG_5553

These last ones are the completed makeup look. Since our costume is so green and covered with various textures I thought a more simple makeup look would contrast and stand out more. Also, covering your entire face with green eyeshadow would be a blending nightmare. Just doing as much as I did required a ton of blending to make it even and I cannot imagine how much more difficult it would be if I were to do my whole face. That would be situation better suited for face paints.

Thank you so much for reading!

According to Alexis I will be posting again next week, see you then!

– Brooke


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