A Button For A Nose

Today at work I wanted to complete this weeks DIY themed project with my young Coworker Avery. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a childcare provider for 2 children. As the oldest child out of 8 siblings, I have had tons of experience babysitting. It gets a little repetitious at times, which can make it boring for both me and the children, which is why I’ve put forth an effort to do something new and fun every week! Last week, we made colorful icecubes to go with our watermelon flavored koolaid (you can check my instagram/facebook for pictures and personal message me for fairly simple instructions). This week, I decided we would do what Pinterest calls “A Button Tree: A Beautiful Canvas Project Full of Vibrant Colors” which you can find pinned under my Simple Art board. The supplies I bought for it- 3 pack of thin canvases, 2 bags of buttons, and a bottle of glue– was approximately $20. This enabled 3 of us to make said buttons trees, however it did not include the paints and paintbrushes I already had in my possession. So early this fateful Monday morning, Avery and I sat down to get started with the project.


Gather all your supplies around you and lay out your blank canvas.20160620_114450.jpg


I would recommend penciling where you want the outline of the tree, then proceed to paint over it.20160620_092521.jpg

Third: (Optional)

If you want to add some texture to the painting, carefully line glue along the direction of the tree. Then take the butt end of your paint brush to smooth it into thin lines, and/or seperating the single line of glue into parallel lines. The glue will dry clear, giving you a thin gloss of shine and texture.20160620_102028.jpg


Carefully start gluing buttons down around the tree, starting with bigger buttons and working in the smaller ones around them.

(Optional: If you’re using a canvas, you can easily sew the buttons into it which would give it a cleaner and more secure look. Parents, this could be an easy task to do after-the-fact to preserve your childrens artwork for a longer amount of time.)20160620_114459-1.jpg


Set your artwork to dry. When dry, you can take the sharp end of your pencil to scrape out globs of glue in the button holes. Finally, sign your art and give it as a gift or hang it up!20160620_115410.jpg


Thanks for reading! I would really recommend this project, not even just as a family project, but it’s really a cute (and relatively cheap) little decoration or gift. See you next week with a 4th of July theme!



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