DIY: Effortless Nails

Hello Everyone!

Since this week’s theme is DIY I decided to share a nail tutorial with you. I personally have always struggled with painting my nails because while I love complex nail art, my skills are just not up to par. This is why I’ve come up with a really easy way to add some cool designs to your nails without the stress of attempting to paint on an intricate pattern. The trick is to cut out and apply a temporary tattoo over the nail. There are endless possibilities with this method and virtually no skills required. A perfect way to effortlessly spice up your nail game.

Step 1 (Optional): Since I love having long nails and recently chipped a few of mine off , I chose to apply some fake ones. The brand I use is called Kiss and I personally like the medium length, square tip ones best. I would recommend clipping your nails and removing any nail polish before applying these since the glue may not stick to the polish as well. Once you choose the sizes that fit your nails best all you have to do is apply some glue onto your nail and press the fake nail on for about 30 seconds.
FullSizeRender (1)


Step 2: Now that the nails are secured we will need to apply a base coat so the design will show up better. I chose a light blush color since I wanted the base to stay neutral. The polish I used is Gel Effect by Nina in the color Royal Tea. I only used one coat since this polish is opaque but two coats could be used depending on the polish you choose.



Step 3: The tattoo chosen needs to be large enough to cover the entire nail.  I trimmed mine down so that it was slightly larger than my nail on all sides in case I did not apply it perfectly straight. Once the tattoo is trimmed remove the plastic sheet and place it face down on the nail. Use a damp towel to completely soak the tattoo and press down for 15-20 seconds. Gently peel off the excess tattoo that stuck to your skin, use a top coat, and you are good to go!

IMG_5601           IMG_5603


I hope you enjoy these nails as much as I do! Come back next week for our Fourth of July theme. Alexis will be uploading her post on Monday so be sure to check it out. Also, we are about to launch our new Instagram account that will be featuring sneak peaks of upcoming posts as well as a look into our daily lives. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!





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