Music: How-To Music Flower and That 70s Show Remake

When you hear the word music what is the first thing that pops into your head? An instrument? A specific band? A concert? … What about when you hear your favorite song? Do you think of a special memory? A person? A place?  A movie? …Do the hairs on your arm stand up in awe?

Music is such a broad and powerful topic that it’s hard to place your finger on one thing that would adequately explain what music is. We all have different tastes in music and I’m sure we all had different answers to the previous questions. And while we all have different tastes I think we can all still agree that music is an incredibly powerful force in our lives.

So when I first realized that this weeks theme was “Music” I was understandably overwhelmed. I had no idea where to start but I figured people wouldn’t really care to watch me play an instrument or make-up my own song (especially considering I’m not the most musically inclined). So after thinking on it a few days I realized.. why not do something fun and goofy? It doesn’t have to be serious. And eventually decided to do a That 70s Show opening theme remake. Take a look at it below:

Side note:

I recorded all this video using the front-facing camera on my phone (Samsung S6 Edge), so it isn’t the best quality video but it is pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised. Also, due to computer issues I had to edit the video on my phone as well. I used an app called VivaVideo and I was really satisfied with it! I could edit time lengths of different recordings and place them together, put filters on them, put music over it… there was also other things I could do with it (Like speed up the clip or reverse it) and overall I was just really impressed. I don’t think there’s even a Microsoft computer app that works this well for free. Downside, your clip can’t exceed 5 minutes and you have a watermark. 9/10 would recommend.


Also, anyone that has been on pinterest before knows it’s a dangerous place. It is one of my biggest artistic inspirations. Those of you that know me know I am a traditional artist. I sketch and I paint. However, since Brooke and I have made this blog it has really allowed me to flex my art muscle and try different things. It gives me a purpose and it makes me happy. I just want to take a moment to thank those of you that keep up with our blog and give us feedback.

When I was lost on what to do for music week, I had first been scouring pinterest for ideas. I had no idea on what to do. One of the things I came across was a beautiful origami flower made out of pages from a book. I thought this was beautiful and I had to do it. I chose to do it with music sheets to stay on topic with this weeks theme, but you can use anything you want (colored paper, favorite book, etc).

Step 1: Cut out 3 pieces of paper, all of them being 4 inches by 4 inches. A perfect square.

Step 2: Fold one in half so it’s a triangle. Repeat 2 more times so it’s a smaller triangle. (Repeat with the remaining 2 sheets)

Step 3: Holding on small triangle, cut a tiny piece off the folded corner (Repeat with the remaining 2 sheets)

Step 4: Cut the top part of the triangle (the open part) into a rounded shape. It should look like a flower petal or half a heart. (Repeat with the remaining 2 sheets)

Step 5: Umfold the triangles/petals.

Step 6: On the first sheet, cut out ONE little petal (a section, half-heart shape, traced by the folds)

Step 7: On the second sheet, cut out TWO sections.

Step 8: On the last sheet, cut out THREE sections. Make sure you save these cut out pieces.



Step 9: Grab a Q-tip, and cut off the bottom (but leave the cotton on the top). Then take your smallest cut out piece and roll it around the cotton swab on the top. Glue the edges together. It should make the center of the flower.

Step 10: Repeat with 2nd cut out piece, then 3rd. Just so that they slightly overlap.

Step 11: Then take the bigger pieces. Start with the smallest one, the one you cut 3 sections out of, and glue the bottom half of the section onto your flower and curl it around so it overlaps, and then glue the end down. Repeat with the medium sized one, and then the biggest one.

Step 12: Once all your pieces are glued and secure, curl the edges a little with your fingers to give your flower a blossoming look.

With love,



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