Easy But Effective Ways To Organize Your Apartment/Dorm Room

It’s that time of  year again… the evenings are cooling down, football season has started, and those of us in college are settling into a new routine as we enter the new school year. Most of us college students, whether it’s in a dormitory on campus or an apartment, are also having to adjust to a new roommate. When you are given a random roommate you are really tossing the dice on whom you might be living with for the next year, and honestly recieving that one (or more in my case many) horrible roommates is a sort of “right of passage”, as you might say, of college. Having a stranger as roommate is an extremely tricky and delicate relationship that it takes extra care in respecting boundaries. Some of these boundaries might include cleanliness and organization. I have learned that people’s preferred level of “organized versus messy” varies greatly between individuals. For instance, I once had a roommate that was so OCD about organization that when I moved a pair of her shoes (they were in the way) from one spot to a spot a few inches away she screamed at me asking if I had a problem with her. On the flipside, my bestfriend Brooke has what she likes to call “organized messy”. Basically she knows where everything is in her own way, but to the untrained eye it just looks messy. When it comes down to it however, it’s safer to keep your area tidy to make sure you aren’t crossing any boundaries (if you don’t already prefer keeping it that way). Here are a few tips on how to do so easily…

The bathroom is often one of the most troublesome areas for us ladies. We have so many different products that when you’re rushing about in the morning about to be late for class, and “where is my eyeliner… did my lipstick just roll off the counter?”… Then later when you finally return from class you realize how much of a disaster area your bathroom actually is.

  1. Make-up organizer:

Last year I finally got tired of having this issue, feeling ashamed and having my makeup mix up with my roommates, that I finally invested in a little makeup organizer from target. I cannot stress enough how much I love this little 5 slot organizer and how much more organized my counter looks. Not only that, but I also am able to locate items quicker and not have to stare blankly at the counter for a few moments to find something. For men, this could be used for you as well (maybe on a smaller scale?) as a tooth paste/tooth brush, face wash, and lotion holder for convenience.

2. Hair Styling Tool Holder:

Until this year, I have always been that person to leave my hair dryer and hair straightener in the sink (annoying, I know) or on the side where it could fall into the toilet. I just never cared to put my hair dryer away under the counter when I knew I was going to use it the next day. However, my roommate this year is a little more uptight and I didn’t want to risk conflict with her over something like counter space, so I bought a pretty neat cabinet-hanging hair styling holder. Fairly simple in design but effective. You can also grab one of these at Target.

3. Corner Hanging Shower Caddy:

This is another item that I’m not really sure why I didn’t snag it earlier. The bathtubs here at UAB don’t really offer much of a lip to put items on (except for the exiting side) and I wanted to keep my items out of the way. The loud crash of shampoo bottles falling into the tub is one of my least favorite sounds there is. This wall mount not only keeps all my items neatly together, but it also keeps it from interferring too much with my roommate and her items. You can get this item (take a guess) also at Target!


The Electronics:

In my particular rooming situation, I actually have my own sleeping  and livingroom area, but the one thing I am OCD about is my electronics. Using some zip-ties you can easily turn that clutter of cords into a more organized look. You can get more complicated and pricy stands that would have holes for you to thread them through, but in my opinion zip-ties do the job just fine. Also, when you have multiple devices the cords can get a bit confusing, using some tape or labels you can label your cords to which devices they belong to. This not only helps when you’re trying to fix something (a faulty wire) but also if you are moving and just throw all your cords into the same box.





While your daily routine doesn’t involve your roommate (usually) it still is a really important part of your life to keep organized. You can easily do this with a planner. Personally, I’m the type of person that loves to organize and write a lot in a planner, but I have trouble actually referring to it on a day to day basis. I’m working on it.


A planner isn’t the only way you can keep up with your routine, with technology and the use of smartphones apps can be a more convenient option. The calendar widget, the day to day routine reminder called TimeTune, and the sticky note widget are 3 of my favorite apps to keep track of my crazy college routine as well as trying to incorporate working out, blogging, and eating healthier.


Try out these easy tricks, cheap products, and time-efficient apps to easily clean up some clutter in your hectic lives and living spaces.

Till next time,




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