Claims vs Results: Alexis on Pinterest Remedies

Have you ever felt malcontent with your hair or skin? Too dry, too oily, or something else entirely? Scouring the internet for at-home remedies? Personally, while casually browsing Pinterest I have come across numerous amounts of remedies that claim to give you the healthiest skin or hair possible, and I often wonder “how many of these actually work?”. So recently I decided that I was going to pick a handful of popular remedies, try them out, and record my results.


Before I get started, I would like to explain my hair type. I have thin auburn/red hair. It’s usually straight (sometimes with slight waves when air-dried) and smooth. I’ve dyed my hair less than a handful of times, the most recent (about 6 or 7 months ago) I had bleached and dyed the ends of my hair, and my last haircut was about 3-4 months ago. This has resulted in me having blonde tips that are damaged (dry and stiff).

CEO Hair Mask:

Claim: “Best possible combination for having healthiest hair… soft, shiny, voluminous, and shockingly thicker after one use.”

This mask is made up of coconut oil (1 tablespoon), raw egg (1), and olive oil (1 tablespoon). If you have particularly thick or long hair you might want to double the ingredients. When mixed, ingredients will look like this:wp-1474164828418.jpg

It has an almost pudding-like texture to it and it smells good (like coconut). You apply it to your hair, put hair up in a shower cap, and let it sit for at least an hour before rinsing it out. Careful to keep your water temperature low to prevent the egg from cooking in your hair (it happened to me unfortunately), and be sure to thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo/conditioner afterwards.


Without product and After product

In these pictures, my hair was air-dried and brushed once

I was really quite surprised with this hair mask. I expected my hair to look and feel smoother, however this was not the case. What did happen was my hair became thicker, considerably so on my bleached ends. The hair felt stiffer and just more, and in pictures it does look shinier. Drawback: my hair smelled like eggs all day!

Tea Tree Oil Hair Mask:


Claim: “Tea Tree Oil is great for hair growth, dry scalp, and fighting dandruff/ lice.”

Add 4 or 5 drops to your shampoo or conditioner and wash out. (Follow directions on bottle or specific online directions)

For this solution, I am a bit biased. I reached out to Tea Tree Oil nearly a year ago and have used it consistently since (5 drops a day and I’m only halfway through). It smells really strong so be wary of that. (I personally love the smell) If you even open the bottle your whole bathroom will smell strongly of it.


With product and After product

It’s hard for me to say that the health of my hair in the before picture isn’t attributed to Tea Tree Oil since I have been using it so regularly. However, this is a picture of a day where I didn’t use it compared to another day where I did. In both pictures, my hair was air-dried and brushed once. I believe that this oil makes my hair feel softer, look shiny, and has helped with my damaged ends.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask:


Claim: “Repairs hair, making it look shinier and healthier.”

I have seen many different ways to apply this oil (heated, overnight, etc), but since I was in a rush I chose to apply it straight from the container into my hair and let it sit for about 20 or 30 minutes before washing it out.


WIthout product and After product

For such a short time applied, I was pleasantly surprised with this mask. I had always heard good things about coconut oil, but now I could see results for myself. My hair looked shinier and healthier, and it felt smoother.


Before I get started on these skin-care masks, just an introduction to my skin type… My skin is slightly dry and I rarely break out. I’m the palest shade of make-up you can get and I have freckles all over my face!

Disclaimer: I had forgotten to take a before picture of my face before applying masks so I had to use one I had taken a few weeks ago. I understand the lighting is different, but you get the idea!

Sephora Face Mask:


Claim: “Provides deep moisture and brightening properties through natural rose extract.”

I picked up a few of these packs while doing a make-up run in Sephora. They tempted me because I wanted to get into good skin-care routines, and with them already being packaged and easily applicable it was very convenient.


Before Product and After Product

While wearing the mask there’s a cooling sensation that seems to be cleansing your face and the mask smells lovely. After taking off the mask 15 minutes later, my face felt sticky but clean. The directions tell you that there’s no need to rinse after use, but due to the stickiness I rinse after a little while (I let it sit for a bit first). Once rinsed I noticed my face had a shine to it and felt soft to the touch. My skins complexion also looked a bit more even and pale, but not drastically so.

Coffee and Honey Face Mask:

Claim: “Tighten & Firm Skin with 2 tsp of Coffee and 2 tsp of honey.”


This application was extremely sticky and made my skin itch a little while it sat. You let it sit for about 15 minutes and then you wash it off.


Before Product and After Product

The results to this face-mask were as stated, in my opinion. My face felt tighter and it felt soft. I would even say that this mask brightened my face/freckles a bit. I even applied this close to my eyes where I’ve noticed my skin a bit looser, and it temporarily tightened the area.

Lemon and Honey Face Mask:

Claim: “Clear Skin with 2 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of lemon juice.”

Making the solution was extremely easy, but application was extremely sticky and in my opinion had an unpleasant odor. Once you have applied the solution to your face, leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing.


Before Product and After Product

This was my first mask I tried and probably my favorite. I saw the best results with it. The night I used it, after I had rinsed it off, my face felt soft (but not that rubbery clean soft). The day after my skin looked bright and radiant.

Sephora Eye Mask:

Claim: ” Reduces signs of fatigue and tones the eye contour for a rested, energetic look.”

I bought this product with my other Sephora face mask at Sephora. It’s an eye mask that you place directly below the eye on top of your eye-bags.



After about 15 minutes, I removed the product and rinsed my face. The results were so completely unnoticeable that I didn’t bother taking a picture. I believe an at-home remedy would be more time worthy than this product.


CLS Leg Scrub:

Claim: “Get the smoothest legs this summer!”

Mix 1/2 cup of coconut oil, the juice of 1 lemon (or 1/4 cup), and 1 and 1/4 cups of sugar, Then apply the mixture to wet legs, shave/rinse, and then repeat 1 more time.

Below you can see a picture of my right leg, where on the left I haven’t shaved in a few weeks (my hairs are blonde) and on the right I have just hopped out of the shower after shaving with the solution.

Before Shaving and After Shaving with Mixture

Immediately after using the mixture I noticed a difference in my skin on both my legs and my hands. On a normal shaving experience I tend to just use conditioner on my legs and it leaves my skin shiny and rubbery smooth. After using the lemon, sugar, and coconut oil mixture my legs felt soft but in a healthy way. I was really pleased and surprised with this scrub. Since there was so much left over juice/oil from the mixture, I dipped my loofah in the juice and used it on my arms and torso which also resulted in soft skin.

Dior Airflash Foundation:


To, again, give you a little history about my skin and make-up use… I have semi-dry skin and I am the palest shade you can get. Unfortunately, not only am I the palest but I have a red tint to my skin so I have to be careful to get a pale pink shade or my face will look unnaturally orange.

Typically, I’ll buy foundation from Walmart or from a drugstore. My main problems that I have come across with the foundations I have used in the past are:

  • clumpy
  • dry
  • orange
  • too caky
  • not enough coverage

So I’ve been on a quest to find a good foundation. I first came across this foundation, Dior Airflash, by watching a Jeffree Star video and in my desperation of getting a foundation that looks good on my skin I bought it.


On the left: BB cream (if you look closely you can see it doesn’t sit well under-eye), On the right: Dior Airflash

The BB cream ($7 for about 1 ounce) that I used to use was probably the best of the drugstore face make-ups that I used as foundation. It didn’t make my face look too orange or anything, but it dried quickly and often looked caky. Forget about even trying to put concealer on top of it. The worst areas were under-eye, forehead, and nose area. The BB cream also felt heavy on my face which made me feel gross and stiff.

The Dior Airflash that I bought ($62 for 6 ounces) is a different story. To apply it, you shake it and then spray it on your face like an air-soft can. It is unlike any foundation I’ve ever used before. It sits light, it gives you time to blend, and it matches my skin-tone perfectly. The coverage is light but solid as well, you can still see my freckles but not as much as with other foundations I’ve used. When you look closely at my face you can tell I am wearing make-up still (mostly due to my concealer), but it is much less caky than any make-up foundation I’ve tried before. I’m in love with it.

So after trying these many remedies/products I am under the impression that  everyone needs to grab themselves a container of coconut oil, honey, and tea tree oil to keep in their cabinets. Not only are they used in multiple remedies for your hair and skin, but have other practical uses.  If you have any other remedies that you know work or are curious about, comment below or message me on Facebook.



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